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Low serotonin levels in the brain can be boosted by taking natural serotonin supplements that increase amino acids which the brain needs to produce serotonin. Many studies have shown that serotonin deficiencies can be treated by supplements like 5-HTP, St. John’s Wort, SAM-e, and even green tea and turmeric .


The Types of Supplements That Increase Serotonin Naturally. There are many kinds of nutritional supplements that increase serotonin levels — amino acids, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and more. Before you take any serotonin supplement, it’s important to understand a little bit about them and especially how they work together.


Natural Serotonin Supplements Serotonin supplements that provide vitamins B6, B12, and folate, as well as concentrates of saffron , can help support healthy serotonin levels. BrainMD’s Serotonin Mood Support was created specifically to promote multiple brain mechanisms that maintain healthy serotonin levels in the brain.


The neurotransmitter serotonin has the function of keeping mood regulated. When the brain is deficient in serotonin, depression, anxiety, and insomnia can set in. There are a wide range of possibilities as to why this may happen, but in any case, using natural supplements that boost serotonin can begin to steer the mind back on the right course.


Apart from L-Tryptophan, there are other natural remedies and supplements that can increase serotonin levels. Another natural supplement you can take to boost serotonin and reduce anxiety and depression is 5-HTP. This is normally made in your body from L-Tryptophan (from food or a supplement) as the first step in producing serotonin. Many ...


Supplements that increase serotonin. Both L-Tryptophan and 5-HTP can cross the blood-brain barrier, so both can work as an effective serotonin supplement and help you feel better, sleep better and lose weight. But 5-HTP has some advantages that make it work faster and more effectively to boost your brain serotonin to optimal levels:


However, you should use other methods to boost your serotonin, as increasing carbs in your diet can have a plethora of negative effects. Supplements that Increase Serotonin 10) L-Tryptophan and 5-HTP. In the body, L-tryptophan is used to make 5-HTP from which serotonin is made.


As for foods: with or without 5-HTP, high carbohydrate meals may increase serotonin levels, but this varies from person to person. I wouldn’t depend on diet to increase serotonin levels – you could get a brief boost from a candy bar, but even if you do, it won’t last. The impact of more complex carbohydrates is less clear.


It is important to re-emphasize that the natural antidepressant serotonin can only be increased in the body and brain by the ingestion of one of it’s two precursor amino acids – tryptophan (which is found in protein, protein powder nutritional supplements or as an amino acid supplement) and/or 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), an amino acid that ...


5 natural ways to increase your serotonin levels Vitamin B, St. John’s Wort, and natural sunlight are some of the ways to boost your mood. by Natasha Turner, ND Updated Dec 18, 2018