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Paint can be removed in several ways including using chemical strippers, liquid paint removers, brushable paint removers, spray paint removers, aerosol paint removers and by sanding and treating the paint with heat before scraping it off. Chemical paint removers make ...


To repair a run in your paint job, use a razor blade or putty knife and a piece of sand paper. First repair the run, then repaint the area.


Products for removing paint vary depending on the types of paint and surface. Products such as Turtle Wax Renew Rx Scratch and Swirl remove paint transfers on automobiles, and a mixture of chemical strippers containing methylene chloride and absorbent material removes p...


To make natural soap, combine 16 ounces of 76 degree Fahrenheit coconut oil and 16 ounces of olive oil in a slow cooker. Pour 12.16 ounces of water into a glass jar, and carefully add 4.844 ounces of lye. Stir the lye and water with a metal spoon. After 10 minutes, add ...


To remove face paint, wash it off with the use of water and mild soap. If the paint is still retained on the face, try washing it off with baby shampoo and water. Wait thirty to sixty seconds for the soap to paste with the paint then rinse it off with water.


In most cases, hot water and white vinegar can remove paint from glass. However, some stains may require a razor blade or paint thinner.


To remove spray paint, apply a chemical remover, such as paint thinner, to the sanded surface, scrub with a hard-bristle brush, and rinse with a pressure washer. Spot treat stubborn paint with a chemical remover and a steel wool brush.