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Combining Natural Numbers. If you add or multiply two natural numbers, you always get another natural number. For example, suppose you have 27 friends on Facebook (a natural number).


The easiest way to come up with examples of natural numbers is simply to start at one and begin counting; each of the numbers that result when you add 1 to a natural number is another natural number. All natural numbers are integers. In set theory, we would say that ℕ is a subset of ℤ.


Illustrated definition of Natural Number: The whole numbers from 1 upwards: 1, 2, 3, and so on ... Or from 0 upwards in some fields of mathematics:...


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Two important generalizations of natural numbers arise from the two uses of counting and ordering: cardinal numbers and ordinal numbers. A natural number can be used to express the size of a finite set; more precisely, a cardinal number is a measure for the size of a set, which is even suitable for infinite sets.


Natural numbers are what you use when you are counting one to one objects. You may be counting pennies or buttons or cookies. When you start using 1,2,3,4 and so on, you are using the counting numbers or to give them a proper title, you are using the natural numbers.


Natural Numbers Examples. The natural numbers are also known as all positive integers, not including zero. The natural numbers are also considered as all the counting numbers. Thus, in a real number line, Natural numbers are always on the right hand side of zero to infinity. All the integers include the natural numbers, that is, the natural ...


A natural number is a number that occurs commonly and obviously in nature. As such, it is a whole, non-negative number. The set of natural numbers, denoted N, can be defined in either of two ways:


About This Quiz & Worksheet. Natural numbers are an important concept in algebra, and this quiz/worksheet will help you assess your understanding of their characteristics and identification.


Natural numbers, also called counting numbers, are the numbers used for counting things. Natural numbers are the number small children learn about when first starting to count. Natural numbers are always whole numbers (integers excluding Negative numbers) excluding zero. One is the smallest natural number.. There is no largest natural number.