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A 100-number chart is a ten-by-ten grid that lists a set of 100 integers in order from least to greatest. In a typical chart, the number one is at the top left corner, while the number 100 is at the bottom right corner.


In order to add using a 100-number chart, start on the first given number and move a finger or place holder along the chart as many spaces as the number being added to end on the correct sum. Because addition is commutative, it does not matter which number is used for the starting position or what n


A number chart is a table of numbers used to train students to count numbers. Typically, a number chart starts with either 0 or 1 and counts up one whole number at a time. A common number to stop at is a multiple of 10 such as 10, 20, 50 or 100. Some number charts have other counting intervals such


Find multiplication tables and charts of numbers 1 through 12 at MathWorksheets4Kids.com, MathIsFun.com and TimesTable.co. MathWorksheetsForKids.com also features partially filled in charts and completely empty charts for practice learning multiplication of these numbers. The charts are available fo


A chart of prime numbers is a chart that lists numbers that are only divisible by one and itself. A prime number can be even or odd, but it must be a whole number.


A natural gas chart shows the price of natural gas stocks over time. The charts may be static or dynamic, depending on the company and the purpose. Most natural gas charts use a candlestick format, with the price on the Y axis and the date or time on the X axis. Each individual candlestick shows the


A diabetes record or chart tracks blood glucose measurements along with other factors that affect blood glucose levels, such as activity, stress and diet, according to the American Diabetes Foundation. A diabetic chart can help doctors and patients discuss the effectiveness of their treatment plan.


The numbers on a tire size chart refer to the width of the tire, the aspect ratio between the height of the sidewall in proportion to the width of the tire, and the size of the wheel. These numbers are essential for fitting tires on vehicles correctly.


People with diabetes should chart their blood sugar numbers to ensure their treatment plans are working, explains the American Diabetes Association. Tracking blood sugar over time makes it easier to see how the body responds to certain treatments.


Charts of cholesterol levels are available from National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health. The site offers two charts, one covering total cholesterol levels and another listing LDL cholesterol levels.