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Natural Enemies • Accept the quest, Natural Enemies, from Fahssn at coords 19.0, 62.6 (East of Spawning Glen). • Travel west to the vicinity of coords 15, 60. • Kill Starving Fungal Giant, and loot 6 Bog Lord Tendril from their corpses. • Travel back to coords 19.0, 62.6. • Turn in the quest to Fahssn.


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The World of Warcraft community forums have moved! These forums are in read-only mode. ... Can someone please up the drop rate on the "Natural Enemies" quest in zangarmarsh? It's really boring. It took me like a full half an hour to collect all of the quest objectives.


[Bog Lord Tendril] (6) Description Edit. Us sporelings and the bog lords have never gotten along well. In the past, we've managed to keep them at bay with spears and stones.


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