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When a person is within hours of death, bodily functions begin to shut down, with digestion, bladder and bowel activity ceasing; body temperature dropping; and breathing slowing, according to WebMD. The dying person may be unconscious or may slip in and out of unconsciousness.


An autopsy is used to determine a cause of death and involves the examination of the body of a deceased person, reports MedicineNet. The abdomen, brain and chest are typically examined during the autopsy procedure, which is performed by a pathologist.


While it is commonly believed that a bacterium carried by fleas caused the Black Death, also known as the Black Plague, more recent epidemiological research suggests that the cause was an airborne contagion spread by sneezes, coughs and touch. Originating in the Far East, the plague in Europe first


A death benefit is a lump sum or annuity paid out upon the death of a life insurance policy holder to the beneficiary of the policy, according to Fidelity. Death benefits are generally tax-free.


Find death records online at sites such as DeathIndexes.com and DOBSearch.com. Both sites offer public record information on deaths in all U.S. states, including death certificates, burials, obituaries and cemetery records.


According to Sportinglife360.com, the world's deadliest mainstream sport is fishing. In 2005 alone, 187 people died while fishing. The primary reason fishing is so dangerous is it occurs in close proximity to water, which leads to drowning deaths.


Fishing causes more fatalities each year than any other major sport, according to Sporting Life 360. As fishing has been around longer than any modern sport, it has also killed the most people over time. Most deaths in the sport are a result of people drowning.


Journal of Gerontological Nursing | We all know death is inevitable. Yet, we live as if we are immortal. My recent experience with my mother's dying and death, and the death of three dear friends have caused me to pause and ponder my own mortality. How will those last moments, hours, and days preced


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