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Vitamin D is a micronutrient the human body requires to manage the calcium levels in bones, blood and the digestive system. A few foods, including liver and oily fish, provide vitamin D, but the skin produces most of the required amount, according to the Vitamin D Council.


Put down the supplements. There are tastier ways to get your sunshine vitamin this winter. Add these foods to your plate for a natural boost of vitamin d. The shorter days of winter have many of us coming and going in the dark. And that means we're likely getting much less vitamin D from the sun tha


I've commonly made a list of possible effects on a natural 1 roll, I (as DM) roll a d10. 1-5 - just miss, no additional adverse effects. 6 & 7 - miss target and player rolls attack & damage on self. 8 & 9 - miss target and player rolls attack & damage on ally (chosen at random).


First let me say I'm expecting a bunch of hate for this post. I cheat at D&D and it's a better experience, I know that's terrible sounding but hear me out. I use an advantage d20 that replaces the 1, 2 and 3 with an extra 18, 19, 20. Which means the lowest I can roll is 4 and I have a 65% chance of rolling above 10, with a 10% chance of a natural 20 instead of 5%.


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This new seven-channel Class D power amplifier comes to us from the Swedish high fidelity brand, Primare. The engineers at Primare designed this amplifier from the ground up with some fresh ideas on how to optimize this burgeoning amplifier topology. Will this compact multi-channel amp be able to muster the chutzpah to power your home theater?


Decent on projection and longevity, Siberian Snow marks the last of a sample pack of D.S. & Durga from Luckyscent, and I'm left with a similar impression to most---namely, that it's another scent that's intriguing and smells very natural but simply may not be worth the price tag (they're all $125 or $145 for 50ml).


Greetings D&D fans, We've had a number of hotfixes go out as Juniper mentioned. ... game. The green numbers captured the excitement of a natural 20, and red numbers the natural 1, but now that bit of readability my table has come to rely on is gone. The numbers still work, but ease of use has decreased. I hope that explains my criticism ...


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[D&D 5E] Xanathar's Guide to Striking a Nerve ... Phase 3 will never come out at all, competing third-party tools will be hit with C&Ds, and then just as Phase 1 (maybe 2) gets really solid it will be time for D&D 6E and all the digital tools will be abandoned, ... A natural 1 is usually going to be a problem all on its own. Whereas a ...