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Natural Gas (NG:NMX) Historical Prices - Nasdaq offers historical prices & market activity data for US and global markets.


Natural gas prices fluctuate constantly depending mainly on production issues, stockpiles, weather conditions, economic growth, crude oil prices, and more recently coal. Natural gas is commonly measured in MMBtu, with 1 MMBTu equaling 1 million BTU (British Thermal Units).


Graph and download economic data for Henry Hub Natural Gas Spot Price (MHHNGSP) from Jan 1997 to Nov 2020 about natural resources, gas, price, and USA.


In August, the average natural gas rate in Atlanta was $2.88 per therm. The average households monthly natural gas usage was 101 therms , making the average bill around $110 . based on EIA Data as of November, 2020


Natural gas prices spiked again in 2008 before the global financial crisis affected demand, as West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil reached a record high above $148 per barrel at the height of the commodities investment cycle, hot weather boosted air conditioning use and gas storage levels were below average.. The US natural gas price jumped back above $13/MMBtu in July 2008, with ...


Daily GPI is next-day natural gas spot prices at various trading locations in the U.S. and Canada. Prices are expressed in $U.S. per MMBtu or CDN$/Gj.


Georgia Natural Gas Prices. Compare GA residential natural gas offers and switch. Atlanta Gas Light areas A Switch is when a customer is simply changing from one Energy Supplier to another without moving service locations. Use the chart below to Switch to a new supplier and save money.


Comparing GA natural gas prices and providers? According to the GA PSC, Georgia homes average 717 therms per year. Much of your gas usage is December, January and February, to heat your home. Many Georgia gas providers are competing for your business. Since Georgia deregulation began, thousands have saved money by shopping to find the best gas ...


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Natural gas prices can be volatile, and traders should expect large price swings. However, investing in natural gas can be part of a sensible plan to mitigate risk and diversify the composition of assets in a portfolio.