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Natural gas prices moved higher rising more than 4.0%, but closed off the highs of the session. Prices recaptured resistance which is now short-term support near the 50-day moving average at 2.76.


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Natural Gas Price Forecast, Natural Gas (NG) price prediction. Price target in 14 days: 3.411 USD. The best long-term & short-term Natural Gas price prognosis for ...


The mix of oil and natural gas that is generated by American producers varies greatly from company to company. Some produce oil, some produce natural gas and some produce both. In 2020, the companies that produce almost exclusively natural gas have had surprisingly strong stock price performance.


Natural Gas Price Outlook Natural gas prices increased in recent weeks as storms hit U.S. production. On 9 October, the Henry Hub Natural Gas price was USD 2.74 per one million British thermal units (MMBtu), which was up 14.6% from the same day in the previous month.


The Outlook for U.S. Gas Prices in 2020: Henry Hub at $3 or $10? In this paper Michelle Foss concludes that Henry Hub gas prices could credibly be as low as $3/MMbtu, or as high as $10/MMbtu in 2020 but that the balance of likelihoods is for a price late this decade which is significantly higher than the current $3-4/MMbtu levels of 2011.


As our annual natural gas output swelled over the last decade to over 40 trillion cubic feet in 2019, it took a devastating toll on prices. Last June, the spot price for natural gas on the Henry Hub averaged $1.77 per MMBTUs. Yet for the first time in recent memory, some natural gas bulls are sharpening their horns.


This statistic represents the price of European and US natural gas from 1980 through 2018, and provides projections up to 2030. In 2030, the price of natural gas in Europe is expected to reach ...


Propane increased 0.08 USD/GAL or 17.46% since the beginning of 2020, according to trading on a contract for difference (CFD) that tracks the benchmark market for this commodity. Historically, Propane reached an all time high of 1.67 in February of 2014.


Commodity prices were mixed in September, energy down and non-energy up—Pink Sheet (10/6/20) Recent blog post The Commodity Markets Outlook in eight charts (10/22/2020)