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Indigenous peoples in Peru or Native Peruvians comprise many ethnic groups who inhabit territory in present-day Peru. Indigenous cultures developed here for thousands of years before the arrival of Spaniards in 1532. In 2017, the 5,972,606 indigenous people formed about 25.7% of the total population of Peru.


Indigenous People of Peru - Peru Language Groups There are currently reported to be 92 separate and distinct languages spoken in Peru (Ethnologue: Languages of the World).It's interesting to note that although the common language of Peru is Spanish, legally all indigenous languages are recognized as official languages now by the Peruvian government.


There are 51 indigenous peoples in Peru. By far the most numerous are the highland Quechua. About 4.5 million Peruvians speak Quechua and 8 million identify themselves as Quechua.[3] The Aymara population of some 500,000[4] is concentrated in the southern highland region near Puno. Lowland indigenous groups include the Achuar, Aguaruna ...


For many decades after Peru became a representative democracy, it was illegal for illiterate people to vote in Peru. Because of the high rate of illiteracy among indigenous people, this policy excluded a large portion of the indigenous population from the democratic process. One group of natives fared particularly badly in the wake of colonization.


The Major Ethnic Groups Of Peru. Native Americans. The Native Americans are the indigenous people in Peru also known as the Amerindians. They had inhabited the country before the Europeans discovered it in 1500. They form the largest number of general population at 45% which is approximately 13.3million. They constitute two major ethnic groups ...


Peru’s population includes more than 4 million indigenous persons, of whom 83.11% are Quechua, 10.92% Aymara, 1.67% Ashaninka, and 4.31% belong to other Amazonian indigenous peoples. The Database of Indigenous or Original Peoples notes the existence in the country of 55 indigenous peoples who speak 47 indigenous languages.


Indigenous peoples in Peru, or Native Peruvians, comprise a large number of distinct ethnic groups who have inhabited the country of Peru‘s territory since before its discovery by Europeans around 1500. Indigenous cultures developed here for thousands of years.


The Quechua are often the first indigenous people of Peru that travelers get to know upon visiting the country. Most Quechua people live in the Peruvian Andes, though there are other Quechua communities in Bolivia and Ecuador as well. The Quechua people predate the Incan Empire, and their way of life continued on long after the empire fell.


Ethnic Peruvian Structure. In the 2017 Census, those of 12 years old and above were asked what ancestral origin they belong to with 60.2% of Peruvians self-identified as Mestizos, 22.3% as Quechuas, 5.9% as White, 3.6% as Black/Mulatto, 2.4% as Aymaras, 0.3% as Amazonians, 0.1% as Nikkei and 0.05% as Others. indigenous people are found in the southern Andes, though a large portion, also to be ...