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List of countries and dependencies and their capitals in native languages. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The following chart lists countries and dependencies along with their capital cities, in English as well as any additional official language(s). In bold: Internationally ... Official or native language(s) (alphabet/script) ...


Continent names in local languages Links Geonames - the countries of the world in their local languages and scripts, with official names, capitals, flags, coats of arms, administrative divisions & subdivisions, national anthems, and translations of the country and capital names into many languages


The following is a list of English-speaking population by country, including information on both native speakers and second-language speakers.. Some of the entries in this list are dependent territories (eg: U.S. Virgin Islands), autonomous regions (eg: Hong Kong) or associated states (eg: Cook Islands) of other countries, rather than being fully sovereign countries in their own right.


This site has information about all the countries in the world. Did you know there are only 191 countries that are not disputed? The list below has more (partially disputed) countries, a total of 257 countries with links to pages with facts about the country, the flag, maps, population, languages, birth rate, information about the land, size, death rate, animals, coordinates, other facts and ...


Not really. That's a completely different quiz, one about recognizing the spatial/visual patterns commonly made by symbols of languages you probably can't read, rather than this one, which is about either a) recognizing the actual names of the countries or b) recognizing common phonetic patterns of languages you probably don't speak.


About Endonyms. An endonym is the name for a place, site or location in the language of the people who live there. These names may be officially designated by the local government or they may simply be widely used. This map depicts endonyms of the countries of the world in their official or national languages.


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Endonym is an indigenous name given by a group of people to refer to themselves, their language or their countries in local language. On the contrary, exonym is a common and more internationally accepted name used by foreigners to refer to a place, country, ethnic group or language.


Countries as Named in Their Own Languages. BY Arika Okrent. ... Greenland, in the native language West Greenlandic, is Kalaallit ... Country names are given in the country’s primary writing ...


Alphabetical list of all 197 countries. The independent country is not only a self-governed nation with its own authorities, but this status needs the international diplomatic recognition of sovereignty.