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Portugal is regarded as having some of the most biodiverse habitats in the world. Another interesting aspect to the animal life native to Portugal is the island populations. Because individuals were cut off from other mainland populations generations ago, these specimens grew into unique species after years of restricted breeding.


List of mammals of Portugal. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This list shows the IUCN Red List status of the 93 mammal species occurring in Portugal. One of them is critically endangered, three are endangered, eleven are vulnerable, and one is near threatened. The following tags are used to ...


Cod, or "Bacalhau" in Portuguese, are one of the most prized animals in Portugal. There are over 375 ways to cook the cod in Portugal, and it varies from island to island. the Portuguese also ...


Portugal - Portugal - Wildlife: The fauna of Portugal is a mixture of European and North African types. As in Spain, the wild goat, wild pig, and deer can be found in the countryside. The wolf survives in the remote parts of the far north and northeast, and the lynx inhabits the Malcata Mountains. The fox, rabbit, and Iberian hare are ubiquitous.


Portugal is the home to many endangered species of animals, such as the fin whale, the monk seal, the med monk seal and the northen right seal.


Native species to Portugal, some of them endangered, include the Iberian wolf, the Iberian lynx, the white stork and the man o’ war, which you can see below: There are many other species, including beetles, bats, quails, bullfinches, lizards, dolphins, and whales.


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Portugal. Birds unique to Portugal include the Madeira Laurel Pigeon (Madeira Wind Birds), the Madeira Firecrest , and t he Azores Bullfinch . B reeding endemics include Zino’s Petrel (Madeira Wind Birds), the Desertas Petrel , and Monteiro's Storm-petrel (azoresbioportal).


Portugal is in the southwest corner of Europe, and our Mediterranean weather offers many similarities to the weather found from Southern California to Oregon. So we have some plants in common. I find that there are many plants native to Portugal that I like to use in my designs.


In Portugal, you can get almost everywhere by train or bus. Many own a private ... more. Streets. The streets of Lisbon are sometimes narrow, steep and very picturesque. Portugal in general has ... more. People. Being a relatively homogenous population, native Portuguese are ethnically a combination of pre-Celts and Celts ... more. Specifics