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The National Archives is a great source for Native American photos because it collects documents from more than a dozen government agencies. The National Museum of the American Indian also hosts a searchable online database that includes photo collections of many differ...


Photo imaging, also known as image editing, retouching, image manipulation, or colloquially as "Photoshopping," is the process of altering images. It can be done with modern digital techniques or with traditional analog processes.


Stock photos that have Native American pictures are available at the NativeStock website. This website has over 150,000 stock photos related to Native American Indian cultures, as of 2015.


Examples of Native American names include Itzel, Moema, Naira and Nina. Native American names typically originate from tribes of indigenous peoples from North and South America.


No actual photographic images are available of Jesus. Jesus was said to have lived centuries before the camera was invented. Artists have created hand-made and synthetic portrayals of Jesus for many years, and many are available online at websites such as www.photobucke...


Historic and respectful photos of Native Americans and Native American culture are available online from History.com and CBSNews.com. History.com also provides articles, videos and speeches on Native American culture. CBS News offers a gallery of 25 portrait style photo...


After migrating to North America around 11,000 years ago, Native Americans grew corn, maize, beans and squash. They hunted, built homes out of branches and animal skins, practiced tribal religions, enjoyed music and dancing, and used stories to pass on their culture and...