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Some of the reasons for the enduring popularity of the National Geographic magazine are its high-quality photographs and long-form coverage of major world issues. The National Geographic television channel has also developed a number of popular programs, such as "Taboo," "Dog Whisperer with Cesar Mi


Geographic factors are circumstances associated with a physical location that affect humans living within a specific area. Behavior, health, beliefs, income and education are examples of factors that can be affected by geography.


National Geographic offers a vast range of products for sale on its online store, including educational books and DVDs, apparel and footwear, jewelry, home and garden items, and a wide variety of gifts. The National Geographic online store also offers National Geographic magazine for purchase as a o


Some types of shows on the National Geographic channel include programs about nature, industry, travel, science and technology. Some shows in the network's lineup are "Alaska State Troopers," "America's National Parks," "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey," "To Catch a Smuggler" and "Yukon Gold."


The history behind the National Geographic includes its founding date of January 27, 1888. The society was created in Washington, D.C., to raise awareness for geographical issues and knowledge.


National Geographic Photography's website contains links to Photos of the Day and other National Geographic photography content. This includes some archival content, including Photos of the Day dating back to 2009.


A National Geographic magazine is valuable as a collectible only if it is rare and in good condition, which usually equates to older copies of the magazine, explains A Guide to Selling National Geographic Magazines. The rarer National Geographic magazines may be sold to a dealer or online after cons


National Geographic Kids online features games, fill-in stories, personality quizzes, fun fact lists and riddles. The website also has videos and live streams of animals and various natural environments.


The National Geographic online store gift section features books, clothing, DVDs, gear and gadgets, and jewelry, as of 2015. It also offers home items, magazines and maps. Visitors can also purchase a one-year subscription to the National Geographic magazine as a gift.


Popular shows on the National Geographic Channel include "Inside," "Jailed Abroad," "Danger Men" and "Construction Zone." The series "Inside" brings viewers an insider tour of the world's most impressive gatherings and events, from behind-the-scenes looks at hot-ticket concerts to exclusive footage