There is no single national dish of Italy, as each region has local variations on classic dishes. Dishes such as pizza, pasta, polenta and minestrone typify traditional Italian cuisine. More »

Popular foods in Italy include pastas, pizzas, meats, fish, salads, soups and wine. These are some of the more traditional Italian recipes and dishes. More » Food Food Facts Regional Cuisine

Although many regions within Italy have traditional clothing reflective of that area's history and traditions, there is no official national costume of Italy. This is possibly because Italy, as the country as it is known... More »

The national symbol of Italy is its coat of arms, which features a white five-pointed star bordered in red on a cogwheel with five spokes with branches from the olive and oak trees supporting it. This symbol was adopted ... More »

Though there is a bit of debate regarding the official national animal of Italy, the golden eagle and Italian wolf have both been deemed Italy's national animals by different sources. Although these animals are not offic... More »

Italy is bordered by the countries of Austria, France, the Holy See, San Marino, Slovenia and Switzerland. Additionally, it has coastline on the Mediterranean, Tyrrhenian, Ionian and Adriatic Seas. More » Geography Europe Italy

Italy is located in Southern Europe at the geographical coordinates of 42 50 N, 12 50 E. It has land borders with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia, all of which lie to the north, as well as the Holy See, or Vati... More »