The country whose national symbol is a lotus is India. Specifically, it's the Indian lotus, or Nelumbo nucifera. It is also called the sacred lotus. More »

Unlike some other countries, China doesn't have a national flower. Many people favor the peony, which is often said to be the unofficial national flower of the country due to its popularity with residents. More »

The lotus is the national flower of India and represents absolute reality. This flower blossoms one petal at a time under the rays of the sun. The lotus grows in many Asian countries in an array of colors including white... More » History Modern History Modern Asia

The flower of the cassia fistula tree is the national flower of Thailand. This flower is known in Thai as ratchaphruek, is bright yellow in color and is referred to as the royal flower. More »

No individual flower serves as the national flower for Great Britain itself. Instead, each province within Great Britain has its own national flower. England has the rose, Scotland has the thistle, Wales has the daffodil... More »

The moose is a Canadian symbol that represents the country's native wildlife. A bronze statue of a moose can be found in the public galleries of the Parliament's House of Commons. The moose is also featured on the coat o... More »

Although common throughout Canada and employed commercially as a patriotic symbol, the moose has never officially been made a national symbol of Canada. However, the smaller caribou, a relative of the moose, was featured... More »