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Penny stocks, also called micro-cap stocks, are any stocks under $5, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission; however, some organizations consider stocks under $3 or $1 to be penny stocks, says Nasdaq. Penny stocks are riskier than regular stocks and require...


To get listed on the Nasdaq, stocks have minimum bid price requirements, quantitative requirements, capitalization alternatives and peer review requirements, reports Find Law. The Nasdaq is one of the three major U.S. markets in which securities are purchased and sold.


Chinese stocks listed on Nasdaq include the 21Vianet Group, Baidu, China Southern Airlines Company Limited and Alibaba Group Holding Limited. A symbol represents the stock of each entity, according to Nasdaq.


The Nasdaq exchange uses its own criteria to decide which stocks enter the Nasdaq-100 Index. The index is made up of stocks of the 100 biggest non-financial companies, domestic or international, explains Nasdaq. Companies in the financial sector and ones not listed in t...


As of 2015, Nasdaq lists information on upcoming stocks that perform stock splits such as 2-for-1 where a company cuts the price of each share in half and gives investors more shares, notes Motley Fool. Nasdaq also provides insight on which type of stock split occurs an...


Stock market quotes from NASDAQ can be found directly at NASDAQ's website. The online portal provides individuals with information regarding real-time activity and trading, as well as the NASDAQ's composite for the day.


The Nasdaq stock index is available at Nasdaq.com as of 2015, according to Nasdaq. The index page shows trading volume, index value, and net change in points and as a percentage. The website offers information about other indices, including Nasdaq-100, Nasdaq Global Mar...