English episodes of "Naruto" are available for free at Anime Ultima, Hulu and Animegg as of 2015. These websites have all 220 episodes of "Naruto" available for streaming. More »

Anime Chaos offers a selection of "Naruto Shippuden" anime episodes dubbed in English. English-dubbed "Naruto Shippuden" episodes are also available on Hulu, but this service requires a Hulu subscription. More »

To legally download all of the "Naruto" episodes, purchase the episodes from licensed vendors such as Apple. Alternatively, watch "Naruto" episodes online from legal streaming websites such as Crunchyroll.com. More »

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In Naruto, Susanoo is a giant being that fights for its user, Uchiha Itachi, in battle. It is an extremely rare result of learning a "jutsuu", or technique, called Mangekyō Sharingan. More »

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Naruto cards are small playable cards designed with different characters or ninjitsu moves based around the popular Japanese cartoon "Naruto." Originally invented as an advertisement and merchandise gimmick for the telev... More »

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The use of chakra in "Naruto" is fictional and based on the real-life use of chakra, which originates in religious practices. The use of chakra in religion has various applications and is believed to help with meditation... More »

"A Past to Be Erased," episode 215 of the original "Naruto" anime, follows Naruto, Menma, Neji and Tenten as they seek to protect a town ravaged by bandit attacks. During battle, Menma is injured, and it is revealed that... More »

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