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The narcissus flower, also known as the daffodil, is one that is synonymous with springtime. They are associated with Lent, and because of this, are known as the "Lent Lily."


Perfect flowers are those that have the ability to make male gametes, receive male gametes and make female gametes as well according to the Plant & Soil Sciences eLibrary. They are able to produce seed from sexual reproduction.


Flowers are the primary reproductive structures of angiosperms, commonly referred to as the flowering plants. Flowers house the pollen and ovaries necessary for reproduction. The various colors and shapes of flowers serve as lures to attract pollinators, which deliver pollen to the ovary of another


The appropriate time to plant narcissus bulbs is in the fall, when the ground temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit and the first hard frost is six to eight weeks away. The planting deadline usually is October in northern states and November in southern states.


Gumamela is a flower used in many places around the world for herbal medicinal purposes. Also known as the hibiscus, China rose or shoeflower, the gumamela is used as an expectorant, diuretic, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory and more. It is also useful in the making of herbal tea.


In actuality, humans consume the flowers of several plants as vegetables, including broccoli. The head of broccoli is actually the plant's buds. Left intact with the roots, these buds open to reveal small yellow flowers. In addition to the familiar green variety, it is available as a purple plant. B


Some types of pink flowers include rose thrift, Catherine Woodbury daylilies, raspberry wine bee balm, appleblossom yarrow and hollyhock. Additionally, some trees produce pink flowers, such as the crabapple.


The purpose of a flower is to attract pollinators to a plant to aid in fertilization so that the plant creates seeds. Bright colors, strong scents and sweet nectar all work together to attract birds, bees and other insects to move pollen from one flower to another. After pollination occurs, the flow


According to ProFlowers, the birth flower for a January birthday is a carnation, an iris for February, a daffodil for March, a daisy for April, a lily for May, and a rose for June. In addition, the birth flower for July is a larkspur, a gladiolus for August, an aster for September, a marigold for Oc


Flowering shrubs include butterfly bush, rose of Sharon, hydrangeas, summersweet and potentilla. All of these shrubs bloom during the summer and are easy to care for.