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Naming Mixed Ionic and Covalent - Answers Name the following compounds. Remember, they may be either ionic or covalent compounds, so make sure you use the right naming method! 1) NaF sodium fluoride 2) NF 3 nitrogen trifluoride 3) Li 2O lithium oxide 4) Al 2S 3 aluminum sulfide 5) MgSO 4 magnesium sulfate 6) SiH 4 silicon tetrahydride 7) KNO 3 ...

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Naming Ionic Compounds Practice Worksheet Name the following ionic compounds: 1) NH 4 Cl _____ 2) Fe(NO 3) 3 ... Answers – Naming Chemical Compounds 1) NaBr sodium bromide 2) Ca(C 2 H 3 O 2) 2 calcium acetate 3) P 2 O 5 diphosphorus pentoxide 4) Ti(SO 4) 2 titanium(IV) sulfate


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Answers – Naming Chemical Compounds . Name the following chemical compounds: 1) NaBr sodium bromide. 2) Ca(C 2H 3O 2) 2 calcium acetate. 3) P 2O 5 diphosphorus pentoxide. 4) Ti(SO 4) 2 titanium(IV) sulfate. 5) FePO 4 iron(III) phosphate. 6) K 3N potassium nitride. 7) SO 2 sulfur dioxide. 8) CuOH copper(I) hydroxide. 9) Zn(NO


An ionic compound is a combination of oppositely charged ions. Ionic compounds generally contain a metal bonded to a non-metal (or non-metals). When naming ionic compounds we simply name the cation (the positive ion) then the anion (the negative ion). The cations generally retain the name of the element, so Na+ is named sodium.


View Homework Help - ANSWER KEY_Worksheet - Naming Ionic Compounds and Hydrates.pdf from CH 204 at University of Texas. Naming Ionic Compounds and Hydrates Answer Key Write the name for each of the


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Ionic_Covalent Names: Chapter 9 Honors Chemistry Ionic & Covalent Compound Naming First, identify whether these compounds are ionic or covalent. Then, use the correct naming rules to write the correct names for each compound. Chemical Formula Type of Compound: Ionic or Covalent Compound Name 21) CdBr 2 22) Cr(Cr 2O 7) 3 23) SBr 2 24) (NH 4) 2CrO 4


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