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Alphabetical lists of fruits and vegetables can be found on various health promotion websites, including vegetarian.lovetoknow.com and greatgrubclub.com. Information compiling sites such as Buzzle also often have lists of fruits and vegetables.


The term "food alphabet" refers to an alphabetical list of foods, generally one food per letter, and is most commonly used to teach children letters and food word identification. Variations of these alphabets exist that include numerous foods for each letter.


Find an alphabetical list of fruits along with their countries of origin at our-food-recipes.com/food-facts/origins-of-food/list-of-fruits as of 2015. If any fruits have alternative names, they are listed in the corresponding description. The list also contains informat...


Listed alphabetically, the names of some vegetables include asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, dill, eggplant, fennel, garlic, horseradish, ice plant, jojoba, kale, leek, mustard, naranjillo, okra, peas, radish, spinach, turnip, upland cress, watercress and yam. There are no...


In a list of the 50 US states arranged in alphabetical order, Alabama comes first and Wyoming comes last. The letters M and N are the most popular first letters in state names. Each has eight states starting with the respective letter.


The Warren and Genevieve Garst Photography Collection lists the Ardwolf, African bush squirrel, African darter, African elephant, African lynx, African pied wagtail, African porcupine, American alligator, American badger, American beaver, American bighorn sheep, America...


The Alphabet of Lines is a list of line symbols that engineers use in technical drawings to communicate specific shapes, sizes or surfaces. The lines and symbols used in the Alphabet of Lines are universal, which means engineers around the world use and understand them.