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Some companies that manufacture custom cattle signs include Kustom Signs, Big Creek Metal Works and John Reilly Signs and Designs, as noted on each company's website. Signs can be made from different materials, including steel, aluminum or wood.


A photographer can get good pictures of cattle by using a digital camera with a built-in flash, allowing the animals to get used to him, not taking pictures in the middle of the day, having an assistant photographer and taking the time to position the cows. Another tip for photographers is to take a


Either a baby bull or a baby cow is called a calf. If the baby bull is castrated prior to puberty, he is called a steer.


A group of cattle is called a herd, mob, drift or drove. In the United States, domesticated cattle live in fenced pastures and are sheltered in barns. They provide various products, including meat, dairy products, leather and soap. In some parts of the world, cattle pull wagons and plows.


Bulls and other cattle live around the world on farms, grasslands and pastures; some wild cattle also live in the woods. On farms, most bulls are castrated and slaughtered for their meat before they turn 3 years old. These young males are raised in barns or in individual stalls.


Cattle farming is the process of raising cattle from birth until the point at which they provide food or milk for consumption. A cattle farmer typically has a barn where milking cows live and a pasture where cattle graze.


While bulls eat the same diet of grains and grass that cows do, bulls used for rodeo competitions eat a high protein diet supplemented with vitamin B12. Cattle are fed with feedstuffs, a mix of roughage, oilseeds, grains and by-products, such as corn and bakery waste.


Common cattle illnesses include bovine respiratory disease complex, or shipping fever; clostridial disease, or blackleg; bovine viral diarrhea; and bovine respiratory syncytial virus, according to Tractor Supply Company. Cattle under stress develop shipping fever, which is pneumonia due to events in


A bull market most commonly refers to increasing stock prices on exchanges such as the NYSE and Nasdaq. It is also used to describe bond and commodity price increases. A bull market is an indication of overall economic health.


Ideas for a cattle brand design include initials inside a simple shape, letters with decorative flourishes and rotated or connected letters. Cattle brands should be easy to identify and remember but difficult to alter. The brand designer should also consider where on the body he wishes to brand his