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Either a baby bull or a baby cow is called a calf. If the baby bull is castrated prior to puberty, he is called a steer.


Bulls and other cattle live around the world on farms, grasslands and pastures; some wild cattle also live in the woods. On farms, most bulls are castrated and slaughtered for their meat before they turn 3 years old. These young males are raised in barns or in individual stalls.


While bulls eat the same diet of grains and grass that cows do, bulls used for rodeo competitions eat a high protein diet supplemented with vitamin B12. Cattle are fed with feedstuffs, a mix of roughage, oilseeds, grains and by-products, such as corn and bakery waste.


The sound a bull makes is called a bellow. Bellowing is a sign of duress and aggression in bulls. Other signs of aggression include kicking, butting, walking the fence and making various body postures.


Bulls do not hate the color red, as they do not demonstrate any color preference. It is a common misconception that bulls hate the color red, which is promoted by Spanish matadors waving red capes in front of the bulls in a bullfighting arena.


A bull market most commonly refers to increasing stock prices on exchanges such as the NYSE and Nasdaq. It is also used to describe bond and commodity price increases. A bull market is an indication of overall economic health.


Baby bulls have different names in different regions of the world. A baby bull may be called a bull calf, a bullock, a young bull or simply a calf.


Red Bull GmbH, the original creators of the product, own the Red Bull brand. The Croatian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz founded and still owns Red Bull GmbH.


The running of the bulls is first thought to have originated as a method to transport the bulls from the corral to the bullfighting ring. The tradition is believed to have been started in the 13th century and has continued as a regular event since 1542.


The best way to draw a bull is by visually breaking it into parts consisting of basic shapes, like circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles. To draw a bull, begin by sketching the overall shape of the bull, such as an oval for the body or circle for the face, and then add details to it, such as h