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A heifer is a young female cow that has not yet had a calf. During this period in a cow's life, proper attention to health and diet is vital.


A heifer is a mature female cow that has not calved, or given birth to a calf, yet. As soon as a heifer gives birth, she becomes a cow. A cow refers to a female of any age that has given birth.


Although both are female bovines, one difference between them is that a heifer is a young female under the age of 3 years while a cow is an older female that has given birth to a calf. The term "heifer" refers to a young cow that is weaned, is not over 3 years and has not had a calf. Sometimes, the


Producers determine the prices of heifers by considering the strength of the forces of demand and supply in the market. The Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Marketing Service collects and disseminates information on the sale price of livestock. This information allows producers to determine


There are online resources to aid people in finding Holstein heifers for sale including BestFarmBuy.com, CattleRange.com and Cattle-Exchange.com. Not only do these websites have ads for individual sellers, but they also feature breeder directories, auction information and market reports.


A heifer is ready to breed when it is sexually mature and when its body is prepared to take on the strain of carrying a calf. Most heifers reach this point at about the age of one year or a few months afterward.


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To help make the process a little easier for you, here’s a list of show heifer names I can remember my siblings and I coming up with as kids: Alice Angel Annie Belle Beyoncé Blackie (real original) Cassie Cutie Pie Daisy Grace Honey Iris Katy Lady Lassie Lily (can’t go wrong with a flower) Lucky Madison Mary Minnie Peaches (with a calf named Cream of course) Reba


They normally have a small, white mane running from the top of the head down to their hindquarters. Though they are not as muscular as other bulls, they have a “blocky” appearance. Holstein-Friesian: The most common dairy cow, and probably the cow that you picture when you think of “cow.”.