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The name of an eight-sided shape is an octagon. In addition to the eight sides, the octagon also has eight vertices and eight interior angles. The interior angles add up to 1080 degrees.


Sphere, torus, cylinder, cone, cube, triangular pyramid and square pyramid are some of the most common 3D shapes. There are certain characteristics and rules that apply for each one, and some of them can also be found in nature.


A nine-sided shape is called a nonagon or enneagon. A nonagon is a type of polygon. Polygons are closed-plane figures that are made of line segments.


There are many wood shaping tools depending on what project is being done. Saws, rasps and chisels are all used for wood carving and shaping.


Unlike a regular shape, an irregular shape is a polygon with sides that aren't all equal and unequal angles. Some conventional geometric shapes, such as the rectangle, parallelogram and rhombus, are irregular. A rectangle has four 90 degree angles, but its sides aren't all the same length. A rhombus


The shape of the Earth is classified as an ellipsoid or an oblate spheroid. The Earth is not considered a true sphere because it has a larger circumference and diameter at the equator. The poles of the Earth are squished, which creates a slight bulge around the equator.


The sun is almost a perfectly round sphere. The sun is the one of the roundest natural objects ever measured, according to scientists at the University of Hawaii.


A stop sign is octagonal in shape. Octagons and red are the two clearest indicators that a driver should stop at a sign.


A shape in art is a closed line that is limited to two directions: width and length. It is defined by other elements of art: form, space and value. A shape can be geometric, which means it is mathematically determined, or organic, which means it is created by nature.


The shape of a football is an oval, or in geometrical terms, a prolate spheroid. This shape allows the football to be thrown in air in a flawless spiral fashion as well as bounce in many different directions upon landing. However, the shape of the football was not a product of careful design, but em