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When coming up with a unique business name, consider the type of business, target audience and competition. After considering these factors and creating a list of names, research your top choices to be sure they are not being used by other companies.


Some unique baby names for boys include Arlo, Kase, Jax, Ian and Zane. A few unique baby names for girls include Kira, Mila, Anya, Remi and Vera.


Maryland's name is a tribute to Queen Henrietta Maria, the wife of England's King Charles I, while Indiana's name comes from the historical forced migration of many American Indian tribes to the Ohio River Valley region. Each state in the United States has a unique history behind its naming.


Unique tree names include alder, buckeye, catalpa, dogwood and honey-locust. Additional trees that have unique names are chinkapin, hemlock, larch, tanoak and yew, all of which are common trees that are found in the Pacific Northwest. Other unique tree names include cottonwood, elm, filbert and Sequ


Unique cat names can come from the cat's physical appearance or aspects of its personality. Other unique names can be taken from pop culture by naming the cat after a celebrity, a drink, a place or even a technological term.


Unique pet names include Bark Obama, Aspirin, Midnight Snack, Jamaima Puddle Duck, Princess Chewbacca, Report Card, Roast Beef and Xanax, notes the Pet Place website. When thinking of unique names for new pets, owners can choose from different sources of inspiration such as names of famous places, c


Some names with unusual spellings include “Alexzandre,” “Dafydd,” “Jayceson” and “Zakkery” for boys, and “Cydnee,” “Emileigh,” “Jazzmyn” and “Myah” for girls, as listed by Parenting magazine. While these names are traditional enough, what makes them modern and unusual are the changes in their spelli


Some unique names for male dogs include Gizmo, Zeus, Milo, Kai and Sherwood. Some unique names for female dogs include Luna, Desiree, Xena, Tallulah, Mercedes and Persephone.


There are boundless options of pleasing baby names with unique meanings; some interesting names are Solaine for a girl, which means dignified, and Nealon for a boy, meaning champion.


Some unique baby girl names include Zuri, Yvette, Marisole, Joslyn and Seraphina. Other names that appear on the United States Social Security Administration's list of popular names but are not among the most frequently used names in America include Armelle, Brinley, Keegan, Elodie, Layla, Danica an