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If your divorce was NOT in California, you have 2 options: Contact the court that ordered your divorce and find out if there is a simple process for you to change your name in that divorce case even if you no longer live in that state, OR Follow the steps to file a regular Petition for Change of Name in your local California superior court.


Changing your name can be done at the time of divorce or at a later date, and is easy and cost-free. It is slightly easier to restore your last name or change your current name during the divorce process.If you are considering this, notify your attorney before the divorce is finalized so it is handled as part of the judgment or settlement.


To get a legal name change in California after you have divorced you must first start by gathering the following documents: Proof of identification (driver's license, state ID, or passport) Proof of age (adoption decree, hospital record, or birth certificate) Certified copy of your California divorce decree


Changing your name may be the least of your priorities. However, for many people, regaining a maiden name restores a sense of self, purpose, and freedom. Here is everything you need to know about changing your name after a divorce in California. Situation 1: Submit a Request to the Divorce Court Judge


Name Change After Divorce Retake Your Maiden Name or Take a NEW NAME? Divorce is not when most people are thinking their best. Name Change After Divorce is an intensely personal and important decision.


You would only need to go to the state where you were born, after your legal name change is processed, if you require an amendment to your birth certificate. You can buy one of our name change packets (married, divorce or legal) to change your name in the state where you currently reside.


How to Change Name After Divorce. Your last name does not automatically revert to your former or maiden name once you get divorced. In order to revise your name after a divorce, follow the procedures set forth during the divorce process,...


It should be noted a petition for a name change is not typically part of your divorce decree. Instead, it’s a separate legal action after a divorce. When a family law court is attempting to determine whether a name change is in the child’s best interest, they will consider many different factors including the following:


In many instances, a divorce decree contains an order allowing the wife to legally revert to using her maiden name. If you were divorced in California and the divorce decree did not include this provision, you may still take back your maiden name. California law provides a procedure for a legal name change after a divorce is finalized. Simply complete and submit the required forms to the court ...


If you are in California and considering a legal name change after marriage, divorce, changing a minor's name through a court order and/or any other unique name change need, there are a number of options available. Always remember to have all the required documents with you.