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Common fabrics include cotton, nylon, wool and silk. Cotton, wool and silk are natural fabrics, while nylon is a synthetic fabric. Cotton comes from the cotton plant. It is durable, highly absorbent and comfortable. Cotton also wrinkles easily and has little elasticity.


A brand name delivers a promise or commitment from a company to a customer about product or service performance. For a business, building a strong and reputable brand name helps attract customers, build loyalty and earn high profit margins.


Starbucks, YouTube, Google, Coke and Nike are all examples of well-known brand names. A brand name is a word assigned by a manufacturer to distinguish itself or its product in the marketplace. The brand name is usually prominently displayed on the product, its advertisi...


Some popular brand names include Apple from Apple Inc., Bounty from Procter & Gamble, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell. Other famous brand names consist of Nike, Under Amour and Samsung. Sony, Microsoft and Honda complete a list of ten big brand names.


Some names of carpet brands include Associated Weavers International, Beaulieu Commercial, Axminster Carpets, Beaulieu of America and Bigelow Carpet. Other notable names are Burmatex, Carpets of Worth, Mohawk Air, Constantine Carpets and Desso. Durkan Patterned Carpets ...


Brands of woven polypropylene fabrics include Mauritzon and U-Bon Filtration. Other manufacturers include US Netting and Apex Mills Corp. These brands produce a variety of woven and non-woven propylene fabric products.


According to BusinessDictionary.com, a brand name is a word or words that identify not only a product, but also its manufacturer or producer. Examples of brand names include Coca-Cola, Apple, Mercedes and Sony.