The Strait of Magellan, also called the Magellan Strait, is one strait in South America. The Strait of Magellan sits at the southern tip of South America, and links the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This strait appears as... More »

The Strait of Gibraltar links the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. It takes its name from the Rock of Gibraltar, which comes from the Arabic words "Jebel Tariq," or "Tariq's Mountain." The strait is bordered by S... More » Geography Bodies of Water

The names of Henry Hudson's three ships were Hopewell, Half Moon and Discovery. Hudson was the famous English navigator who discovered three bodies of water that bear his name — Hudson Strait, Hudson Bay and Hudson River... More » History Modern History

South America is renowned for its picturesque scenery, which is replete with a stunning array of tropical rainforests, extremely arid deserts, vast water systems, spectacular beaches and majestic mountain ranges with the... More »

While there are variations, most of South America has a hot and wet climate for much of the year. The continent is situated relatively close to below the equator. More »

The two dominant physical features of South America are the Andean mountain range in the west and the Amazon River basin in the northern and central regions of the continent. The Andes stretch 5,500 miles from north to s... More »

South America has three physical regions: coastal plains, river basins, and mountains and highlands. Each of these regions contains unique biomes, with the coastal plains containing desert biomes, the river basins contai... More » Geography South America