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Naketano hoodies are special because of their trademark cuddly and soft material, their practicality, and their super chic style. Naketano hoodies are high-quality and beautifully detailed.


A suit jacket size is determined by a person's height and chest measurements. The chest measurement is taken by measuring the circumference of the chest at the widest point in inches.


A book jacket can be designed and constructed using several simple household items, including an empty cereal or oatmeal box, several sheets of white or light-colored construction paper, a pen and pencil and basic art supplies, such as paints, crayons and markers. These...


To turn a sweatshirt into a jacket, first cut a straight line up the center front from hem to neckline. Add a thin lining to the bodice of the sweatshirt. Sew a zipper onto the raw edges of the sweatshirt to complete the transformation.


Unlike bees, yellow jackets do not consume nectar; instead, they feed on caterpillars and beetle larvae. Yellow jackets also feed on fruits and other sweet foods.


The yellow jacket's diet changes depending upon the time of year. During the summer, yellow jackets eat insects, primarily spiders, caterpillars and flies, and feed their babies liquefied versions of these insects. In late summer, they begin looking for sugary food sour...


Yellow jackets have a painful sting, and many people are allergic to the toxin they inject. The best way to get rid of them is to trap them without the risk of a confrontation and sting. This simple DIY trap is very effective.