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As of 2015, a MyLowe’s account holder can choose either a percentage off of purchases each day or get a six-month special financing offer on large purchases, claims Lowe's. Also, account holders can receive 10 percent off their first purchase. Consumers can also manage ...


A MyLowe's card is a tool customers use to keep track of their online purchases and in-store transactions, create lists and shopping reminders, and store credit card information for faster online orders, explains the store's official website. Lowe's issues MyLowe's card...


New MyLowes cards are activated upon issuance so the cardholder does not have to wait to begin tracking purchases. However, the cardholder must sign up for a MyLowes account and register the card on the Lowe's website to view his purchase history online.


Customers who sign up for a MyLowe's card receive a number of benefits that help them manage home improvement projects, such as tools to keep track of purchases, schedule reminders, create a home inventory and store shopping lists. Having a MyLowe's card also makes retu...


Consumers can register a MyLowe's card on the Lowe's website. From the main page of the website, users select MyLowe's from the navigation bar and fill in the fields on the page. Customers who already have a MyLowe's card select that option and enter their card number.


Lowe's customers can make online purchases without a MyLowe's Card or account number, as of 2015. To do so, prospective customers can simply select Guest Checkout when prompted and decline to fill in the optional registration for a MyLowe's account. Shipping information...


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