The gurgling sound in a sink drain is an air-related issue. SF Gate says that either the drain has no vent, it has an improperly installed vent or a vent is blocked. This issue creates a vacuum as water passes through th... More » Home & Garden Kitchen

There are several ways to clean stinky drains, and one of the easiest is to flush the drain with hot water, baking soda and hot vinegar. This creates a fizzy chemical reaction that deodorizes and clears most drains in 30... More »

A kitchen sink drain assembly includes a strainer, strainer basket, rubber gasket, washers, lock nuts, housing, slip nuts, tailpiece, trap adapter, couplers, pipe and a trap. A bathroom drain assembly includes a stopper,... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Plumbing

Begin by removing everything in the sink and taking out the items from the cabinet beneath, as sometimes leaks and other issues may cause damage below. Place a bucket beneath the drain pipe to catch water and debris, and... More » Home & Garden Kitchen

Pieces of furniture that are essential for most kitchens include counters for food preparation and for countertop appliances, base or wall cabinets and drawers for storage, and a sink. If the kitchen is used for cooking ... More » Home & Garden Kitchen

Install a country kitchen sink by cutting the required gap in the existing cabinets and building the support frame for the sink. Use decking screws and construction adhesive to hold the framework in place. The process re... More » Home & Garden Kitchen

A kitchen backsplash is a wall covering that goes behind a stovetop or range and sometimes extends behind the surrounding countertops and sink to prevent wall damage from splashes of water or food. These surfaces are usu... More » Home & Garden Kitchen