To fix a new perm that is too curly, conditioning with oil and conditioners is a must. Beyond deep moisture treatments, try a few styling options to tame the curls. If neither of these options works, visit the salon for ... More »

According to, it is possible, and even common, for black people to get curly perms. However, the process of creating curl in naturally curly hair is quite different than the one used to produce c... More »

Curly perms for African American hair types exist, and they are often referred to as a double-processed style. This is because there are two different chemicals used during the process. More »

A few ways to get rid of a perm faster are to shampoo the hair, use an oil treatment, utilize a hair straightening product or cut the hair. If a perm is not to a person's liking, then it may be possible to get rid of it ... More »

Some good home remedies for relaxing a perm include thorough and repeated shampooing and conditioning, various oil treatments and using waving lotion. Home remedies do not completely straighten permed hair, but they can ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Chemical Hair Treatments

A spiral perm yields corkscrew curls that women can style in long or medium hairstyles with or without bangs. Spiral perms can be in hair that's all one length or that features layers. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hairstyles

You can choose to have tight curls or wavy hair with a root perm. The three main steps of a root perm are wrapping your hair around the perm rods, applying the perm lotion and following it up with the neutralizer. More »