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Windows 10 Home page, loss of my MSN News Feed ... locate MSN news and when I noticed when I opened the site it automatically directed to my old home page which include MSN news feed. I then just moved it my favourites bar (shortened the title to fit) so now I log on Edge click on MSN and I am back on track, ... Sometimes with a few tiles ...


To turn off MSN News Feeds, select A blank page or Top sites. Customize News Feeds If you select Top sites and my news feed , the feeds will show and you will be able to customize the feeds.


Where did my customized MSN homepage go? It disappeared about the same time Windows Live prompts effected some - Answered by a verified Tech Support Specialist ... Where did my customized MSN homepage go? It disappeared about the same time Windows Live prompts effected some change. I want my page with the movies and news and weather stuff ...


Home screen Edge Hello all. ... My News Feed Powered By MSN. missing just under the start As you can see image below from the other pc. ... There is no option there for the My news feed Powered by msn.Then underneath that there are news sport etc.


Get the day's top news and breaking news from the industry's best sources, ... All about the MSN News app. Content provided by Microsoft. Applies to: MSN. Select Product Version ... The name of the feed you entered will display. Tap or select the + button next to the name of the source.


My News Feed disappeared! News Feed. I have new facebook design and today I noticed that News feed box on the right side is missing so I can't check my close friends activities and other groups in the news feed. Insted of news feed, there are page sugesstions and Ads. Anybody with same problem???


When we opened his Edge browser, he pointed out that his usual news feeds were not displaying on the page. I admit I have hardly used Edge, but when I opened up the browser in my Windows 10 system to check, sure enough the page was immediately populated with thumbnails from something called “My news feed”:


Learn how to make MSN your homepage with these easy steps. Set your homepage to MSN in just a few seconds. Make MSN My Homepage – Get news, entertainment, sports, weather, maps, real estate


A few days ago we touched on how to remove the widgets from the New Tab page in Microsoft’s Ege browser that ships in Windows 10. The solution is definitely very restrictive. The widgets are basically news items, a weather report, and score cards for ongoing sporting events but since they are live web content, and things like the weather and the score for a live game will always be fetched ...