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By numbness, do you mean a "pins and needles" feeling, known as paresthesia, or do you mean a total lack of feeling? When thinking of your thumb, are all areas of the thumb equally affected, or is it just the front, side, or back of the thumb? The latter question can be very important in helping distinguish the cause of the numbness.


Numb thumb or numbness in the thumb is a condition where there is abnormal or decreased sensation in the thumb due to changes in the function of the sensory nerve. Know the causes, symptoms, treatment and home remedies for Numb thumb or numbness in the thumb. ... Why is My Thumb Numb & What is its Treatment? Reviewed By: Board Certified Physician.


Along with numbness, symptoms of carpal tunnel include a sensation that one or more of your fingers—especially your thumb, index, and middle finger—are swollen or tingling, according to the ...


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Machanic on tingling in left thumb: It takes time for the inflamed tissue to heal both from where the surgery was done and from around the nerve that was injured. Then it will take time for the nerve itself to heal. I just had this discussion with my hand surgeon. The nerve heals approximately 1-2 mm a day not counting the first month after surgery.


I have numbness in my left hand my little finger and ring finger, my left fore arm feels a little numb and feels like cold fluids are going through it like an IV. Is this anything to be alarmed about? anon84859 Post 68: I was worried at one time because I would wake up and my fingers would be numb or tingling. ...


Read about diseases and conditions that may cause hand and finger numbness (paresthesia) and the medications used in treatment. Tingling in the fingers or hand is an associated symptom. Pinpoint your symptoms and signs with MedicineNet's Symptom Checker.


Thumb numbness can be caused by pressure on a nerve. Another possible cause is an inflammation at the thumb's base if only the thumb is numb, explains MailOnline. Numbness in the thumb can also occur if you move your thumb repeatedly throughout the day by typing or holding a mouse.


Finger numbness can resemble a tingling, prickling feeling like you’re being lightly touched by needles. It may affect your ability to pick things up and give you the feeling that you’ve lost ...


I started having this tingling, numbing , muscle spasms in my left hand ,all upmy left arm and upper shoulder and upper back and neck . I got scared , went to hospital and was diagonosed with paresthesia and degenerative disc . all I got for treatment was 8 predisones pills and 600mg ibuprofen .


Tingling in the left arm can be triggered by many different causes – some more serious than others. It’s important to pay attention to other symptoms you may be experiencing while the tingling ...