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Pain in the left arm can be a sign of an impending heart attack, according to Mayo Clinic. A physical problem, such as tennis elbow, may also be the root cause of the pain.


Although there is no conclusive proof as of 2014, scientists have a number of theories as to why 10 percent of the world's population are left-handed. Evidence points to many genes, responsible for the development of asymmetry in the human body, as causing left-hand dominance.


A hand tattoo could be painful because there is very little fat and muscle tissue on this part of the body. Hand tattoos are also difficult to hide and may take a long time to heal.


Common problems of pain in the left hand can indicate injury, as in a fracture; nerve problems, as in carpel tunnel syndrome; or inflammation, as in tendinitis, according to WebMD. Although these conditions all exhibit hand pain, they also have unique complementary markers.


There are numerous reasons for left-side pain beneath the ribs; heartburn or acid reflux, spleen irritation, gas, costochondritis, a broken rib, pneumothorax and stomach ulcers can all cause this type of pain. Irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, can also be to blame. More rarely, diverticulitis, infec


Ovarian pain may be caused by ovarian cysts, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease or ovarian tumors, according to WebMD. It is important to have any pain in the ovaries examined by a doctor or gynecologist to rule out serious underlying health conditions.


While cats don't write or perform other activities that might make it obvious whether they favor one paw or another, a team of psychological researchers from Northern Ireland's Queen's University Belfast suggest that a cat's gender may determine whether it is a righty or a lefty. According to this r


Treatment of numbness in the left hand depends on the underlying problem, explains WebMD. The doctor must first identify the cause of the condition before recommending treatment. Numbness in the hands can occur due to many reasons, including alcohol use disorder, carpal tunnel syndrome, ganglion cys


A right-handed door has the hinges on the right when it is viewed from the exterior of the room, while a left-handed door has hinges on the left. The door swings to the right for a right-handed door and to the left for a left-handed door.


According to the Huffington Post, about 10 percent of the world's population is left-handed. Handedness seems to be influenced by a combination of heredity and environment. Left-handedness appears to run in families, and some brain-structure differences between right- and left-handed people have bee