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My laptop screen is too dark to see, how do i lighten it up - Answered by a verified Tech Support Specialist. ... We have a Dell laptop and the screen is very very dark - I need to know how to lighten the screen - it is plugged into an outlet which would normally lighten the screen.


For computers with a light sensor, typically laptop computers, Windows 10 has the ability to automatically adjust the screen brightness depending on the ambient light levels. This feature can be more annoying than helpful, either leaving your screen too dark or too frequently adjusting the brightness.


my laptop screen is too dark. Ask Question 0. I just re-installed Windows 7 today and my screen is just too dark I can't hardly see anything. I noticed that the brightness buttons on the keyboard are not working. So I went to the Control panel→Windows Mobility Center and under Display it says that there's no display connected.


My screensaver and basically my whole screen come up as way too dark. The picture of a blonde niece looks like she has black hair. On another response someone said to "push the buttons on your monitor," but I don't understand that. I think I can fix it from control panel or something, but I can't find it anywhere.


omg that happens to my laptop all the time and its a toshiba too! like the light is still on the screen but its all black and you cant do anything! i took it in like 5 times and they didnt fix the problem they finnnally had to give me a whole laptop in all. hope this helps..


Why Is My Laptop Screen Dark? ... If your screen is too dark, there may be multiple causes and the solution will depend on the root cause. Settings. You may be able to adjust the settings of your laptop screen through the operating system's configuration. Windows users can do this by using a program that will calibrate screen brightness ...


Disable Adaptive Brightness in Windows to Fix Dark Screen Problems Lowell Heddings @lowellheddings Updated August 3, 2015, 5:30pm EDT If you just installed Windows 8 or Windows 10 on your laptop and the screen won’t stay at the brightness level you want, it’s probably because the adaptive brightness feature isn’t working right on your system.


If you are a Lenovo laptop user, you may have encountered a very annoying issue that the screen of your laptop went very dim.It happens usually after you accidentally press a wrong key or you finish updating your operating system. The brightness of your screen becomes so low that it hurts your eyes to see things on the screen.


I've had my IdeaPad Notebook P500 for over a year, and rarely had an issue with it. Today, I accidently touched the F11 key, which happens to be the "Brightness minus" key. Immediately, the screen went very dim, to the point where it actually hurts my eyes to be typing this. I can adjust the ...


Whats up guys. My laptop screen is VERY dark.. I was told to replace the screen, I did that and still it is very dark!!! I did the normal power settings and brightness up and down buttons aswell.