The height above sea level is also referred to as elevation and can be found using an online source or phone app, an atlas or a topographic map. A site such as Veloroutes allows users to enter their address or city and f... More »

Elevation above sea level, or altitude, is the distance of a location above sea level. Sea level is calculated as an average level for one or more oceans. More »

The term "eustatic" refers to the global sea level. This is opposed to the isostatic sea level, which is a local measurement that is often a result of tides. Eustatic sea level changes are global, and they are often the ... More » Science Earth Science

Height above sea level depends entirely on location. The lowest non-oceanic, nonsubterranean point on the Earth is on the shore of the Dead Sea, which is 1,391 feet below sea level; the highest point on the planet is at ... More »

A spot elevation is a point on a map or chart that has its elevation noted, usually in terms of vertical distance from sea level. Spot elevations are a common feature of topographic maps. Topographic maps show both the g... More »

Logan, Utah, is located in Cache County and has an elevation of 4,535 feet above sea level. The town got its name after Ephraim Logan, who was a fur trapper from that area. The population has increased steadily over the ... More » Geography Maps & Cartography

A contour in geography refers to a line on a contour or topographical map that designates a specific and constant elevation above sea level. Contour lines are used to express a three-dimensional image of terrain on a two... More » Geography Maps & Cartography