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Truck driving schools that cover all or most of the cost of driver training are operated by Roehl Transport, Pam Transport, Stevens Transport and Swift Transportation. These are all truck driving companies that offer jobs to drivers who successfully complete training and accept a driver position at


The salary of an employee can be reduced if the employee's employment is considered hired at will. This type of employee does not have a formal employment contract with terms regarding reduction of salary or wages. Employees under individual or union contracts are usually protected against salary or


In most cases, two weeks is a generally accepted amount of notice to give an employer before resigning from a position, according to About.com. An employment contract that states another length of notice as well as other extenuating circumstances can cause this time frame to shorten or lengthen.


Employers can change employees' work hours to meet business needs. People who work directly with customers have schedules based on when customers need services. Employers change their employees' working hours to accommodate their customers.


Typically an employer cannot unilaterally alter the terms of an employment contract, according to the American Bar Association. Under basic contract law, all parties must have a meeting of the minds in order to amend a contract.


Taxes can be paid with a debit card, or paid directly from a bank account. If the payment cannot be made in full and on time, an extension may be granted.


Not all interns get paid. As of 2014, over half of the interns hired by U.S. companies are not paid, according to Fortune magazine. Since internships are not the same as regular jobs, interns are paid at the discretion of their employers. Students usually take on internships to get exposure to their


Paid-in capital is the amount of money raised by a company through the purchase of common and preferred shares. Paid-in capital is not received from open-market operations; it comes from the private market only, directly from the corporation itself.


Though the specific details may vary between company and position, a typical employer wants to see that an applicant has the appropriate amount of skill and experience to perform in the position when looking at the employment history section of a resume. The employer may also want to see that the ap


The U.S. Department of Labor reports that employers are not required by federal law to give a former employee a final paycheck immediately, except where stipulated by state law. However, employers cannot withhold an employee's final paycheck beyond the normal pay period covering the last time the em