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Wheelchairs are mainly used for dogs with paralysis to their hind legs, but with strong front legs. Harnesses can also be useful to help your dog get around and even continue to go for walks. These special harnesses allow you to lift your dog’s hind quarters while they walk with their front legs.


In some cases, the dog will not be able to move its legs at all, a condition of total paralysis, and in other cases, there may still be some communication between the brain and spine and the dog will only appear to be weak, or will have difficulty moving its legs, a condition called paresis – partial paralysis. There are also cases where a ...


Leg paralysis in dogs occurs when one or more legs lose the ability to function. Often seen as limping or dragging of the limb in dogs, it can point to nerve or muscular damage. This can lead to destruction of the nerve sheaths, tissue decay, joint and muscle damage, or atrophy as the affected dog loses the ability to flex or move that limb.


A sudden case of dog paralysis is a frightening thing for any pet owner. There are a number of reasons why your pet may suddenly be experiencing a loss of coordination or mobility. Most of these causes are treatable if identified early enough, and a dog that has suffered partial paralysis can oftentimes go on to lead a healthy and normal life following treatment.


When people get paralysis, it is a heart breaking moment, and the same is true for our canine friends. Dogs experience canine paralysis due to various circumstances and different illnesses, much of which depends on his or her overall health.. Canine Paralysis. Most dogs can survive canine paralysis with proper care, medication and attention. A paralysis case for a dog is usually sudden and ...


When I was a young teenager I had a young Chesapeake Bay retriever named Sam who was very rambunctious. He liked to follow me on my bicycle when I rode the short distance to the post office in our village. One evening Sam was delayed by something ...


My beloved Pug, Newt, passed away last October.She was 12 years old. She developed a sudden onset of complete paralysis of her hind legs. When I took her to the...


My dog has paralysis in his rear legs it came on all of a sudden. The vet here said he had no signs of injury and was other wise in excellent condition. He is a Blue Healer and not over weight and 12 years old. Can you please offer any advise


My dog became paralyzed out of nowhere within 2 days. We made her a bed in our a driveway but she managed to use all the strength she had to drag herself over 50ft and up a small hill just so she could guard the house one last time. Here she is before we took her to be put down. Rip, Xena. submitted 6 years ago by I-am-not-spartan


A veterinarian explains four possible causes of sudden weakness in your dog’s back legs, and what you must do. When your dog’s hind legs suddenly go weak, there could be any number of causes, says Dr. Jules Benson, BVSc, and VP of Veterinary Services at Petplan pet insurance, whom I interviewed just for this article.