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There are many reasons a cat may throw up, and not all of them mean there is any kind of serious problem. However, if a cat starts vomiting frequently, either several times in one day or over a period of days, your cat may have a health issue that needs treatment from a veterinarian. There are two ...


In this video Dr. Karen Becker discusses the unpleasant but all-too-common problem of cats that vomit on a regular basis. You may think cat vomit is an odd topic for a video, but the fact is, many cats throw up. And many throw up regularly. In fact, vomiting cats is a very common topic in the Healthy Pets discussion forum.


My aunt's cat threw up at least four times a week, but otherwise acted completely normal, healthy, and happy. My aunt let it go for two years, since he never lost his appetite or appeared sickly in any way, besides the vomiting. Finally, my elderly aunt and her cat ended up moving in with me, and I then brought the cat in for tests.


Why Is My Cat Vomiting? The Top 6 Reasons. For many pet parents, frequent cat vomiting is a part of life. But it doesn't have to be that way. Here are the top reasons cat vomit — and what to do!


My cat throws up a lot? ... Since I have my cat on this diet she never throws up anymore-- and she used to throw up every day or two just like yours. Give it a shot but remember to combine the two foods at first so he gets used to it gradually! good luck. fawnmtl · 8 years ago . 0.


He seems happy other than the throwing up. I didn't know this because he was my Mom's cat and she recently died, but, he's been throwing up a lot for months. I mean, I saw the vomit when I visited my Mom but I never knew which cat did it. Also, my Mom was sickly and sometimes lost control of her bowels.


My cat throws up a lot - it's always at night - which leads me to believe she is getting into things she shouldn't be. However, sometimes it appears to be furballs. Sometimes I also think she is just prone to throwing up. I've heard that there is something to give cats for anti-nausea. Does anyone know of anything?


It is conventional wisdom that cats throw up. Everyone who has ever owned a cat has experienced the horrible feeling of being awakened in the dead of night by the sound of the cat barfing. And ...


Large pieces of food and air in the stomach will likely come back up. If your cat throws up a whole kibble shortly after eating, regurgitation is likely to blame. What to do. If you suspect your cat is eating too fast and regurgitating, take these steps to reduce the risk. Feed smaller meals more often until you notice a slow down in eating speed.


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