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Just had to say a while ago my cat was very ill, the doctor could not even do the test until he was better. Before we left the office (the cat was not eating) the doctor gave him a jar of baby food and the cat ate the entire jar, then over a couple days he bounced back, it was a miracle.


Although an owner should still keep a close eye on their lethargic cat for several weeks, any side effects should pass naturally. Of more concern is a cat not eating. In this case, a lethargic cat is lethargic because of lower blood sugar levels. General weakness, or trembling follows cat loss of appetite, and the reasons a cat stops eating are ...


It is normal for your cat to develop hairballs occasionally. As they groom themselves, hair can build up in their stomach and be expelled through vomit. However, if your cat is lethargic, retching or gagging without throwing up a hairball, not eating, and has constipation or diarrhea, you should bring your cat in for a vet appointment.


my cat is not well he is very lethargic and not eating and not himself looks tired and isn't drinking either and curled up looking cold. Already Tried: offering water, offering food he just wants to be left alone and be quite which is not like him at all.


If your veterinarian has determined that your cat is not physically sick, then anxiety or depression could be the reason your cat won’t eat. Changes in the household can be disturbing to sensitive cats, and sometimes new people or changes in familiar schedules can affect a cat’s emotional well-being.


Lethargy is an indication of your cat not feeling well and could relate to a relatively minor medical condition or could be a sign of a more serious illness. Careful investigation by your veterinarian will be required to narrow down the cause. Symptoms of lethargy in cats are abnormal sleepiness, low energy, and lack of response to surroundings.


When a cat will not eat and is lethargic, it can signify a serious problem, according to WebMD, and can be caused by illness, as a side effect of a recent vaccination, traveling to unfamiliar surroundings or even due to a psychological problem or being finicky.


Our cat will not eat or drink and she is lethargic. Not eating is a serious matter in cats. They cannot go more than a few days without eating or they risk liver damage. Your cat needs to be seen by your vet right away for an exam and bloodwork to...


A healthy cat can survive for many weeks without food. This may not be ideal, but I am just trying to ensure people caring for a sick cat get their priorities right. It’s more important to focus on the ‘why’ it happened. When your cat is lethargic, before taking any action, try to work out why this could have occurred.


Therefore, whisk your cat off to the vet or emergency center ASAP if you see any of the following signs: peeing outside of the litter box, straining, blood in urine, crying out while attempting to pee, not being able to pee, excessive licking of genitals, not eating or drinking, yowling while moving and lethargy.