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AT&T's pay-as-you-go cellular service allows users to prepay for their mobile service, which lets customers determine how much they would like to spend in advance and avoid being surprised by a large monthly bill. The company refers to this service as GoPhone.


Individuals are encouraged to keep track of all hours worked during the pay period in which their employers refuse to pay, according to Workplace Fairness. They should also keep track of additional expenses accrued, such as late fees, due to nonpayment. Furthermore, a formal complaint should be file


AT&T's GoPhone prepaid service is a pay-as-you-go mobile provider owned and operated by AT&T. GoPhone differs from traditional mobile phone providers by giving subscribers the option to pay for a 30-day period of service each month or pause service without any contract or fees.


Although there are several ways to pay your AT&T bill, the easiest way is to set up AutoPay. It takes less than 15 minutes to set up, and afterwards the bill will be paid automatically every month.


Employees that do not receive payment due from an employer may seek help by filing a complaint with the Department of Labor, the government department responsible for protecting workers' rights under existing labor laws, according to Reference.com. By law, an employer is required to pay an employee


To pay a ComEd bill online, visit ComEd's website, and click Pay Your Bill on the right side of the home page. ComEd offers six payment options: automatic payments,eCheck, regular mail, in person, expedited credit/debit card payments and by phone.


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Many AT&T phones are incompatible with the "pay-as-you-go" or "GoPhone" service. As of 2015, phones that do not have 4G/LTE cannot make use of the service, and Blackberry cellular devices are also exempt.


AT&T customers can pay their bills through a number of means including online, over the phone, through mail and in-person, notes AT&T. Each of these options requires the customer to provide some personal contact information or have their account number handy.


According to About.com, an employer can legally cut the pay of an employee as long as the employer is not violating any employee discrimination laws. Employers cannot cut pay if an employee is under an employment contract that prohibits it.