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Women and men have different external and internal reproductive organs. In addition, there are differences between sexes in size and capacity of muscles, lungsand theleft ventricle of the heart.


To read men's body language, examine the meaning of common gestures and positions, such as pointing the toes a certain direction, taking up space with the arms and legs, and using the hands while speaking. While men and women communicate differently, much of the body la...


"Men with men" is a phrase that is used to describe men who participate in activities of a sexual nature with other men. A common acronym for men who have sex with men is MSM.


Different types of bodies of water include brooks, gulfs, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. Bodies of water vary in size and boundaries. Several names may exist for the same type of body of water.


Men find different body parts attractive depending on their preferences, but common body parts to be attracted to include the breasts, butt or facial features. Other things a man may find attractive physically are long legs, long hair, skin color or a specific color of ...


Common types of men's athletic wear include compression shirts, running shorts, compression shorts and exercise pants. The ideal clothing type varies based on the activity and the conditions.


There are six primary scents, known as notes, which make up both perfumes and colognes, according to Men's Fitness. These notes are floral, oriental, citrus, chyphre, green and fougere. These six notes combine to form an array of finishes, or final scents.