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Your baby may start sleeping longer at night (maybe four to six hours) sometime between 6 weeks and 6 months of age. It's a broad range, and much depends on your baby's development and your behavior. Most sleep experts suggest putting your baby to bed while she's still awake, but drowsy.


Learn everything you need to know about your 5 week old baby. Track important developments and milestones such as talking, walking, growth, memory & more. Your baby is gearing up for a huge, heart ...


Your baby’s development at five weeks old. Now that your baby is awake and alert for slightly longer periods in the day, it’s a good moment to introduce short ‘playing’ sessions of five to 10 minutes each a couple of times a day. You could use the time to sing to them, chat while you show them something new, like the garden or a tree ...


At 5 weeks old, your infant might seem like an entirely new baby—they have more alert time during the day and begin to sleep for longer periods at night. You might start developing a bit of a routine together by this point, or find it helpful to create “baby stations” throughout your home where you are most active.


Now that your baby's getting more alert to people and places, you can have even more fun playing with him! Stimulate his blossoming senses with these two fun games. FAQs at 5 weeks. When can I exercise after a caesarean? Can I predict what sort of personality my baby will have? How do I settle my baby to sleep while he's still awake?


Your Baby: Week 5 -- Congrats, your baby's now five weeks old! Find out everything you need to know about the care and development of your newborn at TheBump.com.


Something new enters the life of your 5 week old baby. In addition to a physical growth spurt, common around 4-6 weeks, this week will see significant brain development. You will probably find this to be an extra demanding week. Hang in there though, because next week, you’ll start to see the ...


Fast Baby Age Calendar This quickly tells you how old your baby is. Enter the birthday, then bookmark the resulting page so you can check back. The resulting table contains the first two years, in weeks.


Smiling is universal. A baby's first smile happens at about the same time in all cultures, so get ready for your baby to reward all your loving care with a beaming, toothless, just-for-you grin. This will probably make your heart melt, even if you've just had your worst night yet. Learn more fascinating facts about your 5-week-old's development.


What jabs should a 5-week-old baby have? You still have three weeks to prepare for this one as babies don’t need any jabs till their two months old. In the meantime, here’s some advice on how to keep your baby calm during routine vaccinations. How much should a 5-week-old baby be sleeping?