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Unique theme decor, D-Box motion seating and restaurants and bars with an upscale atmosphere are some of the features for which the Muvico theater chain is known. The company operates multiplex and IMAX theaters in Florida, Illinois and California.


Muvico Theaters does not have a company website that displays showtimes for its theaters, but patrons can use a third party service, such as Fandango or Google, to find showtimes for their local Muvico theater. Enter the name of the theater and the movie into the search...


Showtime information for Muvico theaters is available at Muvico.com by clicking on the Showtimes link, entering a ZIP code in the search location box, selecting a search radius and a date, and then clicking Search. In addition to showtimes, the search results display th...


Directions to the nearest Muvico theater can be found by searching "Muvico" at Fandango's website. Carmike Cinemas purchased Muvico Theaters in 2013, according to the Tampa Bay Business Journal. However, as of March 2015, all nine Muvico locations continue to operate un...


To check the movie times at Muvico 14 Thousand Oaks 14, visit the theater's page on CarMike.com, as of 2015. Movie times and online ticket ordering are available on Fandango.com.


Find show times for films at the Muvico Theaters in Thousand Oaks, California, by visiting the theater's website at Carmike.com. You can also find show times on various online movie ticketing sites, including Fandango.com, Moviefone.com and MovieTickets.com. If you do n...


The latest showtime at the Muvico Rosemont is 10:55 pm, as of August 2015. The latest available showtimes can be found online on the Fandango website.