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OrangeFreeSounds.com, 8tracks.com and Live365.com are good sources of free, calming music. As of 2015, 8tracks.com features more than 60,000 calming playlists available for free streaming. Live365.com offers a variety of meditation stations that users can sort alphabetically or by popularity and rec


The behavior of a hyperactive dog can be modified through positive reinforcement training techniques that teach impulse control. If the dog's behavior is prompted by fear of thunderstorms or other inclement weather, a safe indoor space for the dog, positive diversions from the storm and gradual expo


The Mayo Clinic states that there are a number of ways to calm oneself when agitated, anxious or angry. Relaxation techniques include autogenic relaxation, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization and a variety of other methods. Deep breathing, tai chi, yoga, meditation and music or art therapy


Scientists believe that mantras help clear the mind by reducing activity or deactivating the area of the brain associated with introspection and self-appraisal. This function of the brain is known as the default mode network system and is responsible for the thoughts and judgments when one is left a


Listening to music can improve concentration, decrease stress and activate numerous sections of the brain at once. The positive effects depend on the tempo and type of music.


According to Calm Clinic, nerves can be quelled by intercepting bad thoughts using activities such as exercising, journaling, watching a pleasant television program, listening to music or talking to a close friend or family member. Meditation, yoga, deep breathing, positive affirmations and muscle r


Most cats become particularly affectionate during their heat cycles, so giving your cat extra attention may help soothe her, according to VetInfo. Catnip can also calm some cats down, but it can make some cats react aggressively; only give it if you know how your cat reacts to it when she is not in


Self-calming techniques for reducing anxiety and relaxing include meditation, deep breathing, practicing mindfulness, listening to music and exercising, according to WebMD. A person can use each of these techniques at any time of the day in just a few minutes.


When eaten regularly, blueberries, almonds, salmon and whole grain bread are some foods that may help to reduce anxiety. Drinking plenty of water is also helpful for reducing symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks.


To calm a hyper dog, channel the energy with a nose-based game. Have the dog expend energy chasing treats side to side and eventually using his nose to find hidden treats.