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YouTube offers a selection of free music that can be added to any videos uploaded to the service without risk of copyright violation or additional cost. Other free music can be found through royalty-free music websites such as the Free Music Archive or on music creation services such as SoundCloud.


As of 2015, some musicals available on YouTube include "Harry Potter in 99 Seconds" and "Side Effects." "The Wizard of Ahhhs," "Cinderonce," "Hipster Disney Princess- The Musical" and "Burning Man: The Musical" are musicals also available on YouTube.


According to YouTube.com, Aline Barros, a Brazilian gospel music singer and songwriter, has the most popular YouTube gospel music channel with a total of 44,976 subscribers, as of March 2015. All of her songs are sung in Portuguese.


Not all videos on YouTube are free. User-generated content is generally free to watch, but there is a fee to watch some videos on the website; many movies and television shows can be streamed on the site for a price.


As of August 2015, YouTube's most popular videos are made up of music videos from around the world and a handful of viral videos, such as the "Charlie Bit My Finger - Again!" video. The most popular video on YouTube is the "Gangnam Style" music video that was uploaded by Psy on July 15, 2012. As of


YouTube provides multiple options for finding Christian music videos such as searching by specific artist or song in the search bar or by browsing channels under Christian Music categories. One way to find related Christian music videos is by placing a hashtag in front of the search words. For examp


As of August 2015, the most popular Spanish music video on YouTube is "Loca" by Shakira, with more than 212 million views. The next most popular are "La La La (Brazil 2014)" by Shakira, with more than 64 million views, and "Adios" by Ricky Martin, with 46 million views.


Music that is not in the public domain requires a license from the creator for use in YouTube videos. Music in the public domain typically includes any song or musical work that was published in 1922 or earlier.


Using media content that is protected by a copyright and hosting it on a personal website is considered copyright infringement and may be subject to fines. Embedding media content, such as YouTube videos that are protected by a copyright, is not considered a copyright violation.


To share free music on YouTube, convert the audio files to a video format by using Windows Live Movie Maker, and upload the converted files to a YouTube account. YouTube requires its users to own the copyright of the uploaded content, meaning that you can only share your own songs.