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It’s at the Root. The Mushroom Stuff ® is designed to help stimulate root growth of turf, plants, and trees. It contains Earth Right Super Stuff Conditioner ® which will also help loosen the soil surrounding the roots to enhance growth and health. The Mushroom Stuff ® is all natural and will benefit transplants and new plantings. The ...


Earth Right Super Stuff® Used over time, Earth Right Super Stuff will help turn your heavy clay soil into rich earth that will enhance lawn and plant growth, and will increase drainage within weeks of application.


Earth Right’s “The Mushroom Stuff”….Liquid Fermented Mushroom For Serious GardenersRose and Peony Growers and Occasionally for the Lawn Enhance the growth and health of all plants and vegetables by giving them natural nutrients including the benefits from liquid mushroom. Liquid mushroom is made from...


Videos Tagged: Mushroom Stuff Tips from Toby – The Total Tomato Tip Until you taste a enjoy grown tomato from your garden you have no idea how much better they taste than those store bought varieties that have been shipped in from all over the country.


Mushroom compost is a type of slow-release, organic plant fertilizer. The compost is made by mushroom growers using organic materials such as hay, straw, corn cobs and hulls, and poultry or horse manure. Since the mushroom growing process varies slightly between individual growers, mushroom compost ...


Mushroom compost itself is not a suitable replacement for soil. While it works quite well for growing mushrooms, it isn’t as good for other plants. A good mix of 25% spent mushroom compost to 75% soil is a good ratio to start out with for container use, and you can fine-tune it from there.


I have two 10 X 12' raised beds and I add a yard of mushroom soil to each every year. Its a very good high organic matter mushroom soil that is only 15 bucks a yard at a local garden center. The stuff is teaming with so many microbes it emits steam. I have had very good results. Definitely good quality in PA.


This is the home page's excerpt. Welcome to Mushroomstuff. If you are a person with a love of nature, foraging wild food and mushrooms then you should check out our events and please register your contact details so we can keep you informed.. If you are interested in our mushroom supplements of Turkey Tails or Lions Mane then please go to the supplements tab on the menu.


How to Kill Mushrooms. Most mushrooms are beneficial to lawns, because they help break down dead material and return nutrients to the soil. They do not always look nice, however, and can be a source of concern if you have children or pets....


Mushroom Compost Content. The precise composition of mushroom compost varies from source to source, but in general it is composed of a customized mixture that includes hay, straw, spent brewer's ...