As of August 2015, printable multiplication tables are online at Math Is Fun and Math Worksheets 4 Kids. Math Is Fun has links to both black and white and color times tables for 1 to 10 and for 1 to 12. Exercise book siz... More » Education K-12

To teach multiplication, have students memorize the times tables and practice them at least twice a day for five to 10 minutes. Teach students multiplication tricks, such as skip counting, and turn multiplication problem... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum,,, and offer clear multiplication table resources for children. provides black-and-white and color multiplication worksh... More »

Printable multiplication tables can be found on the Math Worksheets 4 Kids website, as of February 2015. The website has multiplication tables and charts in color or black and white. It also includes blank tables and par... More » Education K-12

On Math Magician, the types of multiplication games are multiplication facts for the different times table. Practice tests on multiplying numbers are also available. The tests are timed, and students have to answer a cer... More »

As of March 2015, printable multiplication tables can be found at, and on the Krimsten Publishing website called Each site has several tables available for printing. More » Education K-12

Math Warehouse, Math Is Fun and make math puzzles with answer keys. Topics range from basic numbers to algebra, geometry and trigonometry, and the puzzles are available online. More » Education K-12